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Mar. 14th, 2007


Thought I would post



Alot of stuff is turning in my world.. but I don't know where I am going... so for now I am trying to learn how to make socks.  It has been a bit slow but I am doing it.

I will have to post pics later.

I have sucessfully turned the heel (which  was very easy) and I am now working on the gusset (which for me is a bit more challenging)  I am in my decrease rows right now.

I sat on my porch in the unseasonably warm evening and figured out how to the pick up the stitches along..

With regards to my activism.  


I want to take a permaculture class.  I feel I need to change jobs.. but it feels weird .... and I am kind of in a contemplative place.  I feel the need to do some inner work and indeed I am supposed to and THEN apparently I will know where to go.

I think my knitting has brought me some peace and centeredness that I desperately need in these crazy times.

I have been listening to AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH  over and over on my IPOD and for me it is like a Mantra.  I need to wake up...

I don' t know where the cards will land.  Right now jockying for position as the shit hits the fan....


Feb. 7th, 2007


Care Wool.Com

Just heard on CRAFTBORG Podcast.


Care Wool was started by knitters in central Oklahoma in effort to help organize and perpetuate their contributions to charities that have a need for knitted items.

Short term goals are:
-To continue to knit and donate items to Children in Common (CIC) and to organize local meetings (Oklahoma) for socializing with and offering support and encouragement to other knitters who want to contribute to the cause.
-To offer the same support and encouragement on the Care Wool blog/community.

Feb. 3rd, 2007


Not Knitting much lately....

I have been so busy doing other things.
I went tothe March on Wash last weekend and BROUGHT my knitting. I started on another Calorimetry (I am addicted to those things. ) my friend thinks I am nuerotic because I had point protectors on my needles to keep my stiches on.

I am currently finish up a crocheted Lionbrand wrap that I started several years ago. I was quckly crocheting during a creepy Robin williams movie... it is strange to go back to crocheting... it is just wierd.

I was frantic to look for sock yarn At Hobby Lobby or Michaels but nothing. I bought several sets of Dp's 0's, 1's 3's and 3.25 for making socksthey were having a half off sale at Hobby Lobby .. I blew 15 bucks just on needles...

No yarn though.

I am frustrated. I want to MAKE SOCKS!@!!  I am particular about the kind of yarn. I am not really a colorful person.. I like some color but not rainbows.

I want to make something useful.

I just want to knit. I am in a frustrated place right now in my life. I am so busy doing STUFF.. and I want to start working Dennis Kucinich's presidential campaign again. We managed to meet up with him at the March and he signed my IMAGINE PEACE sign.  My friend knows him. I worked on his campain in 04... and I actually got to have dinner with him right before I bought my house up in Cleveland at the House of Blues..   He now has a beautiful British wife with red hair.

I just want to meditate and knit....

What are other folks knitting? 

Jan. 20th, 2007


(no subject)

Have you heard of her?


She had a very very brief podcast career.. 3..

But I really liked her.. and she did good things with her spinning... She took it to Africa...

and gave women spindles so they could spin to raise money for AIDS HOme treatments...

I have 2 drop spindles... from workshops. I think one was from the Ren Fair. .. but I haven't done anything.

I am just knitting now.

But I Like making things I can wear. The value is much higher.

The COST of a thing that you buy at Walmart. A cheap crappy acrylic sweater that rips and was made by slave labor on knitting machines in China.. OR something that was handknit by a loving friend or relative that is beautiful hand dyed yarn from a local farm..

What is more valuable? Our push for globalization has created a bunch of cheap crap that doesn't care about quality... just quanity... and if it is CHEAP...

and where we don't have to know who made it or the story behind it...

I would rather have 3 sweaters that have stories.. and are hand done then 20 crappy Walmart brand sweaters.... that were just 10 bucks a piece....

And who has globalization benefitted? Just Walmart....

Did you hear that Starbucks wants to have 40,000 stores in the US.. they want to OWN THE DAMN Coffee shop of the world.

But you can't have good poetry readings there... You can't talk about subversive things... (Like globalization)..

It is merely a shiny sterile casing that has created fake "culture" to sell more crap to you. STARBUCK CD's of canned music.. The STARBUCKS magazine for you to read while you are drinking your Uber sized latte...whater.. Oh.. or is that called a GRANDE.. scuz me... and the articles are about supeficial feel good kind of things that have strategic product placement. I don't trust them.

Support Local independently owned Coffee Shops to do your knitting in...

Oooh. Could one do a KNIT IN with subversive knitting ? at a Starbucks? NO.. probably too many knit and bitches go on there...

oh well.

I am glad for my local coffee shops...

Thanks for letting me rant...!


Jan. 18th, 2007


First Post


Spent the last 15 minutes trying to format the theme of this community and screwed up my personal one by mistake.

OKAY Well will have to deal with that later..



talk about all things knitting, fiber, and how they can Change the world!!!

If you haven't heard CAST-ON check it out..


More later.

back to work.


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